Cover Reveal for Rachael Tonks “The Scars Of Us”!

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The Scars of Us

By Rachael Tonks

Release date: Wednesday 29th November 2017


Captured, tortured and separated from the only man she’s ever loved, Isabelle is fighting for her life and will do whatever it takes to survive.

Little does she know that Braxton is too.

Injured and weak, Braxton’s life hangs in the balance. He seeks the help of his closest friend to help him save the girl he loves. When he can no longer trust those around him, will Braxton be able to find Isabelle or will it be too late?

Both Braxton and Isabelle are willing to risk everything to survive, but can two scarred souls reunite and overcome everything that stands in their way?

“The Scars Of Us” is the second and final installment in The Scars Series.

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My review for “Pitch Dark” by A.M. Wilson and Alex Grayson 

Wow! This was my first read by both these authors and just WOW! This story is one heck of a wild, insane ride! The story definitely keeps you on your toes and on the very edge of your seat. The story of Doe and Niko is just fascinating and just a definite memorable read! The ending I did not see coming!!! I was in shock and still am! This is one heck of a thriller/mystery read that I very high recommend for dark read lovers!!!

My review for “Hideaway” by Penelope Douglas 

This book was so amazing and insanely suspenseful to where I couldn’t sit still and was freaking out lol I love Kai!!! Kai and Banks, their story had so much mystery and moments where you held your breathe. You never knew what is coming at you until it hits you, never expect things are going one way because it can then so quick the other way. “Hideaway” was fantastic and a very wild and sexy ride you will never forget!!!

My review for “Hero Society: Dawn” by Jessica Florence 

I never thought I would be into a book like this! Totally out of my comfort zone and I am so glad I ventured out of my comfort bubble! Jessica writes so flawlessly and the way she describes her characters and their powers are just magical! The story of Draco and Rose is beautiful and super sexy (esp. that dark room scene) and I just loved their journey, the supporting characters I can’t wait to learn more about! This story is very interesting, a remarkable ride of a read that keeps you wanting more! I cannot wait to read more of this amazing series and hang it with the Hero Society!

My review for “Jordan’s Shadow” by T.R. Cupak

What a very tragic, heartbreaking yet beautiful story. The story of Jordan and Hunter was truly a unique and fantastic story, I enjoyed every minute and loved the journey. Very suspenseful and moments when you hold your breathe not knowing what’s coming next. T.R.’s writing is so unbelievably amazing, I could feel every emotion these characters were giving me. Truly a story that a lot of people can relate, if not directly then maybe someone they know. I could tell in T.R.’s writing she put her heart and soul into this book. Everyone needs a Shadow in their life to love them so fiercely and so strong. This book may have taken awhile to be released BUT I am not disappointed one bit! It was very much worth the wait!!!

My review for “Poet” by A.M. Johnson 

I LOVED this book!!! Kieran is everything! I absolutely loved him so much! The story of Kieran and Melissa is such a beautiful and powerful story of overcoming hard times and embracing forgiveness. I loved Kieran and his captivating poetry and the way he again found his words though meeting his muse, Melissa. My heart broke for her, but she had overcome so much and was so strong. I admired her for her strength and the way she was with her family. This is one of my fave reads of the year! Hands down! I always knew I’d like Kieran, just because he was quiet and like a old soul in his mannerisms. I just loved everything about this book, truly a beautiful, enticing story!

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My review for “Monster” by Marni Mann

I can say Marni does NOT disappoint! Her writing keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat! I took a step into this dark read and needed a flashlight, pure crazy mind frack! Epic dark read with scenes that’ll make you squirm and question your sanity! It was wild, intense and one heck of a super dark read! And Marni is possibly the only author who can make me like rats and snakes lol 

🖤LIVE🖤 “Pretty Broken Dolls” by Ker Dukey and K. Webster and GIVEAWAY!

Betrayal and rage, a festering sting.

Monster vs Master. Who will be king?

Damaged and desperate, a solution they must find,

To bring back the dolly who is one of a kind.

Disloyalty and failure will not be forgiven.

Seeking revenge, the monster is driven.

Hungry for his affection, our master has waited.

These broken dollies lives have already been fated.

The storm is upon us, the chaos raining down,

Now that the big players have come to town.

Who will come out breathing with their prize by their side?

And who will be collateral damage along for the ride?

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My review for “From The Ruins” by Janine Infante Bosco

WOW! Janine’s writing gets better and better! This story was so effin fantastic! I didn’t think I’d fall in mad crazy love with Lee “Pipe” Jameson! The man who lost his wife so tragically, to be left with her red heels. A unexpected new neighbor, who is recently divorced with three kids, Layla, she rocks his world and it’s never the same. Over time her kids adore their new neighbor, as he takes them on family outings and teaches them life lessons. Layla is so grateful and her and him and the kids make one adorable/crazy family. I truly enjoyed this book so much! Janine can write such beautiful, powerful scenes that’ll leave you breathless and even thinking about your life. Pipe and Layla are a story about finding your “truths” and finding love and happiness again. This is Janine’s best work yet!!!