My review for “Hold Me” by Anna Zaires

If you love insanely suspenseful reads with uber sexiness then this series is for you! “Hold Me” picks up right where “Keep Me” ended and we are thrown back in the dark and dangerous world of Nora and Julian! It gets even more suspenseful and I loved it! Nora gets stronger and more fierce and Julian is the hottest and most possessive alpha male I have ever came across! I greatly enjoyed this series and will miss the world of Nora and Julian! 

My review for “Keep Me” by Anna Zaires

“Keep Me” is book two in the Twist Me Trilogy and picks up right where book one ended and will leave you breathless. Julian is super alpha and super possessive, their chemistry is getting even more off he charts and the darkness that they thought ended in book one isn’t over yet. Anna Zaires writes so superbly and knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Hold on for a heck of a ride! This series is fast becoming a favorite! 

My review for “Twist Me” by Anna Zaires 

This is my first read by this author from a recommendation from a friend and I feel like I’ve been missing out on an amazing author! This book was suspenseful, mysterious and super sexy! You can’t help but love Julian, he’s super alpha and super sexy! I greatly enjoyed the story of Julian and Nora and I can’t wait to begin book two! I give this book 5 stars!!!

My review for “Half sac” by Thia Finn

I give this story 4 stars. The story is about Blue, a star college football player with best friends and has a certain taste for kink, then out lovely feisty heroine Noelle who is on a scholarship cheerleading. The head cheerleader makes things very difficult for her and gets in the way of her and Blue. It can’t be college without drama and then head cheerleader pulls a vicious stunt that puts a strain on the relationship. I’m not a fan of YA but the suspense at the end made it a good read. 🏉”Half sac” comes out 5/30😍

My review for “Ruckus” by L.J. Shen 

“Ruckus” is book two in the Sinners of Saint Series. Dean “Ruckus” Cole and Rosie LeBlanc make one beautiful story! I laughed out loud and shed a few tears and thoroughly enjoyed this story. Dean Cole has a past with Emilia LeBlanc, Rosie’s older sister, but deep down he always loved Rosie. The feeling was mutual with Rosie but sadly with her disease she wasn’t looking for anything permanent. Going through a rocky beginning and finding their way to each other was quite a journey. I love how the story goes past to present and you really get to learn more about these two characters, there are a few shocking moments that made my jaw ht the floor! LJ Shen knows how to keep readers on their toes and will have falling head over heels for Dean Cole! 

💚”Ruckus” comes out May 26th!

My review for “Twisted Death: A Twisted Fairytale Book Two” by Ace Gray

Book Two of the Twisted Fairytale series starts immediately where book one ends. Your thrown back in the twisted and dark world of Ace Gray and it’s gets even make super dark and intense! Some scenes will make you cringe and some scenes push your limits and some scenes will have you fanning yourself! This story pushes you the brink and tear your heart to shreds. But fighting tooth and nail through this book you’ll find the light. Epically dark and delicious read! 5 dark and twisted stars from me!!!

🖤”Twisted Death” comes out June 15🖤

My review for “All I Am: Drew’s Story” a This Man Novella by Jodi Ellen Malpas 

I hands down LOVED Drew’s story! I loved being back with the characters for This Man series! Drew’s story is lovely, I loved seeing him with his precious daughter Georgia! His story is a wild, insane ride and had hilarious moments with him, Jesse and Sam. Drew finds himself at another “club” and doesn’t wanna commit to a woman because he only has room for his adorable daughter. Little does he know fate will have him cross paths with a beautiful woman looking for forget her past. Sparks fly and when he goes to his best friends got help they have him realize he’s fallen in love. Fighting off emotions he can’t fight anymore, Drew and our heroine Raya go through some difficult obstacles (Jodi Ellen Malpas will have you once again on the edge of your seat). But in the end and with the help of his best mates and his feisty daughter he gets his happily-ever-after. The ending was perfect! 

◾️Pre-Order now! “All I Am: Drew’s story” comes out June 18th! 

Cover reveal for “Lover” by Marni Mann and Gia Riley

What’s the book about?

The attraction was undeniable.

I couldn’t escape him.

I didn’t want to.

I was his.

He was mine.

But he wasn’t my husband.

My once treasured marriage was now flawed and imperfect.

By the time the guilt set in, it was too late.

Reality was trying to keep me away from my obsession.

My husband was that reality.

My obsession was West.

But West was forbidden. Taken. Married.

We were swingers.

It was the perfect arrangement.

Until I fell in love…

With West.